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HI, I'm Salazar


but you also may know me as Mia Salazar or Green-hair Mia! I love bright and vibrant hair color transformations, book a consultation with me and we can chat about your hair goals. I also enjoy other color transformations, queer hair styles, alternative styles, shags, and facial waxing.

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My Story

Mia has always believed that each and every salon experience serves as a great healing process for individuals, and that it truly is such a privilege to be a part of that.

Mia loves this industry because she loves to make people feel beautiful and look beautiful, in every way. She specialize in alternative fashion colors, teasy-lites, balayage, and any sort of custom blended colors. The possibilities are truly endless! As a proud member of the LBGTQ+ community, she is just as proud that she is able to help queer people find their identity through their hair. A huge priority of hers is to always make it known that her chair is a safe haven for everyone.

The next thing that Mia loves as much as she love being a hairstylist is her kitty Pluto. When she is not at the salon, you will catch her spending time with him and taking endless pictures of him. Or you will catch her running out to grab some caffeine!

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