HI, I'm Chloe


You can find me at the front desk or running around the salon helping folks enjoy their visit. I'm dedicated to finding ways to better help our guests and stylists feel comfortable, cared for, and appreciated while visiting us at Salon 241. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please call or email me!

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My Story

Chloe Torri joined our salon at the end of 2021, hitting the ground running as the new manager. At Salon 241, Chloe not only helps guests with scheduling appointments and purchasing products, but she runs the marketing, manages our social media, and looks forward to finding new ways every day to improve your experience with us.

She has an extensive background in creative and community oriented fields, as well as several years guiding, supervising, and managing teams of employees striving towards advancing their careers, connecting with clients, and enhancing their workplace experience. Outside of the salon, Chloe is a practicing artist and educator, currently focusing on immersive gallery experiences through queer and campy installations. Check out her social media link above or website